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Android solutions for Kodi interfaces

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Simple to manage and simple to use

Get Paid

Create new and ongoing revenue

Zero App Piracy

Protect your work from pirates

66% More Revenue

Sooner or later your sales will stagnate. We know that you can not rely on new customers alone to make your business work.
This is why we have designed in app solutions to ensure you can maximize every revenue stream from new and existing customers.

Seamless Kodi Solutions

Force closing apps to get things to work it not things working. If you’re using a Wizard Add-on to keep on top of your clients Kodi interface then our Android solution is the perfect solution.
No force closing, no typing in sources. Just click and update. A simple and device safe procedure that any level of user can accomplish.

100% Legal Sales

We use a unique system that will keep your product sales legal so you stay out of court and can keep on selling.
You can choose to bury your head in the sand and hope it doesn’t become a problem for you or you can take action now so your business stays unaffected by this legal drama.

We cater for all Businesses

Apps complete in 24 hours
Firmware App
£ 49.00
  • Payment Gateway
  • Android Firmware Emulator
  • Kodi Fork App Included
  • View Download Stats
  • Zero App Piracy
  • Edit the Home Screen
  • Remote Access
  • IPTV Panel
  • Multiple Features
  • Code Upgrades
Business App
£ 24.99
  • Payment Gateway
  • Multi & Single Kodi Builds
  • Kodi Fork App Included
  • View Download Stats
  • Zero App Piracy
  • Code Upgrades
Starter App
£ 9.99
from monthly
  • Kodi Build Updater
  • Optional Extras
  • Your Custom Design

Warren From Android TV Boxes Online

shares his experience with a Kodi Updater App for the Playstore
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