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We pay up to £100.00 for conversions

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Social Media Influencers

If you already have a huge following on Social Media then you could be perfect for us.
We aren’t selling anything that people aren’t looking for so we won’t make you look like a spammy jerk.
We sell quality software products for Android TV Box retailers and pay up to 25% on leads that convert.
Is it time to stop littering your blog or YouTube videos with adverts that only pay £0.01 per 1000 views?

Team work makes the dream work

Each affiliate is given a custom link where their followers can sign up and pay for any of our services.
Each link is unique to the affiliate so we never make a mistake when it comes to paying you for your lead.
We work together and arrange the frequency of your payments. When you earn, you get paid.
It’s as simple as that!

Start earning Today!

One email is all it takes to get started down a path of unlimited earnings with AVStream Affiliates.
On average an AVStream Affiliate earns between £750.00 – £2250.00 per month.
We leave you to do what you’re best at. All we ask of you is that you represent us honestly and with integrity, the rest is down to you.
There are no set hours and no set methods. Earn as much as you want in the hours that suit you.

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