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"It's like shopify for your Android TV box"

Our software turns your business in to a sustainable business. By generating in app revenue from your Android TV box sales we have been compared to Shopify but for your Android TV box.

100% Legal Trading

As you will be fully aware in the Android TV Device industry arrests have been made and assets have been removed. Pre loading devices with addons, including Kodi Wizard Addons is illegal. Our system ensures you can still provide a service and stay 100% legal

NO Force Closing Apps

If you didn’t already know force closing apps or forcefully removing the power from a running device will corrupt the hard drive. Something a lot of people don’t want you to know. Our method is pure Android code and does not require either ensuring a safe Android File Transfer system

Set Up Time Reduced by 70%

Time is money. With our Kodi Build Updater apps we can save you a minimum of 70% of your current set up time. You don’t need to install the latest version of Kodi, our system takes care of that for you. You just copy your app to the device and install it. That’s all you have to do.

"Simple for you to manage and simple for your customer to use"

Nobody makes apps like we do. Our focus is and always has been in delivering products that are simple for all to use. This opens your market up to a new type of users who want a trouble free experience.


From £9.99/mo


From £24.99/mo


From £49.00/mo


  • AVStream
    I felt like this was taking a huge gamble. It turned in to the best invested I have made in the company to date. I genuinely can not thank you guys enough
    Chris Tiltman
  • AVStream
    The only company to be able to protect my Kodi build from copying. This was my main reason and I am so pleased with my product.
    Main Brain TV
  • AVStream
    Thank you all for your Firmware app. This product has truly placed us on the map. If you're looking for a company with unrivaled vision and the ability to deliver products that you would just never think then you should sign up. I am glad that we did.
  • AVStream
    "First of all I want to thank you for all the excellent support you provide. It has been one of the most easiest start up’s I have done. Could not have done it without you and your fantastic product."
    Jim, Santa Cruz
  • AVStream
    "To any reseller looking for an awesome application to excel their service and take it to another level for their customers, these apps are a must have!!! The best part is the customer service which is absolutely unparalleled to even fortune 500 companies.. If you don't think you need AVS products, then you shouldn't be in the game!"
    Alex, Muvi
  • AVStream
    "I just wanted to let you know about our experience with your service. The entire team at Nitehawk Technologies is thrilled with the application package you have delivered to us. The applications work flawlessly and could not be easier to maintain. This app package will take our devices to the next level by making updates much easier for customers and will eliminate almost all common customer support questions. We are so excited that we took advantage of your services and we all feel that it was money very well spent. Thank you again for everything!"
    John, Co Owner Nitehawk Technologies
  • AVStream
    "Five stars *****. Great team, great product and great after sales support"
    360 Stream Box
  • AVStream
    "From everyone at SRENT we would like to thank you for all your help and support before, during and after our app development. Like you said the app solves the problems you didn't know you were going have. So true!"
  • AVStream
    "Taking in app payments is a great way to protect our Kodi Build and generate some revenue for our hard work. Huge thanks to a great team at AVStream"

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