Kodi box arrests – what you need to know and how to avoid trouble

kodi box arrests

The recent arrests of people selling Kodi boxes "fully loaded" has made big news of late and it has certainly shook up the industry somewhat, which was in fact it's intended purpose. We all know that FACT's (Federation Against Copyright Theft) actions the other week do not stop piracy or even make a dent in it but you really do not want to become one of the unlucky statistics used to justify FACT' ...[Read More]

Is TVAddons safe?

is tvaddons safe

Is TVAddons Safe Is a question that is asked many times over but is rarely answered honestly and fully. Times are changing in the world of third party addons and Kodi. Malicious code is popping up in addons everywhere and has been doing for a long time. The problem is that Kodi is, when all is said and done, nothing more than a cross platform python emulator. Inside an emulator the rules of the op ...[Read More]

Appy v3 is ready for public release

Appy v3 is ready for public release

We are ready to release Appy v3 After some long nights over the past few months we have finally brought Appy v3 to the point where we are ready to release the app publicly. On the site we have release the news for the users. Here at we are releasing the news for our retailers. There so new features and some improvements to tell you about. The home screen has a new look fo ...[Read More]

Protecting your Kodi Build

Protecting your Kodi Build

Isn’t it about time that you can protect kodi build? Nothing is sacred in the world of streaming but we are about to change that for all AVStream clients. Protect Kodi Build is our latest feature¬†product for all of our applications. If you feel that you may have an issue where your Kodi build is leaking out all over the internet or in to the hands of a competitor then you really need to read ...[Read More]

Kodi Android TV Box Top Ten

Kodi on your Android TV box

So you just got an Android TV Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick? Great!! They make a wonderful addition to any entertainment setup. You’ve no doubt heard all about Kodi and streaming so let’s skip past that past and make sure that you are getting the very most out of your product by teaching you a few things that you won’t find anywhere else. by Steven Ste Ream Kodi advice and who to l ...[Read More]

Sega on Android

Sega on Android

Appy now has a Sega Genesis Emulator and a great selection of games for all clients of the Appy Project to use within their applications. by Steven Ste Ream What is the Appy Project? The project is the world first fluid firmware android app for Android TV box retailers. If you would like more information on the appy project about how to join then visit this page – Apps for Android TV boxes P ...[Read More]


AVStream IPTV is here and has formed part of the theme Stream on Fire for Appy.     Our IPTV service offers over 800 live TV channels in HQ and High Definition. If you would like to see a list of channels please download here AVStream IPTV Channel List     Go to the Live TV menu item inside the Stream On Fire theme. Select AVS IPTV Login to enter your username and password. Onc ...[Read More]