create new and secure revenue streams with Kodi


Get paid for your Kodi build
You work hard to keep it at it’s best and that is something that we believe you deserve to be paid for.
Your app can not be copied without you getting paid.


You don’t even need to be selling Android TV boxes to earn money with Kodi. All you need is a Kodi Build and you can start selling to anyone with an Android Device.
Getting paid has never been easier.

100% LEGAL

Unlike selling Kodi Fully Loaded or with
Kodi Wizard Add-ons our Kodi Updater range is 100% legal.
Stay ahead and away from legal issues using our
unique Kodi updating legal system.


Fast. Safe. Legal. Simple


When you charge your users for your Kodi build updates and your customer service you create a new and untapped revenue stream.

Imagine if you have 1000 users and you charge just $1.00 per month for your hard work and amazing customer service. $1000.00 paid to you every month for doing no more than you have already been doing anyway.

Why stop at the box sales? You can even publish your application. If your customer service and Kodi build is really good then achieving 10,000 paying users is not unheard of. $10,000 per month every month could come in handy.


Holding on to your customers has never been easier.

Each payment app includes a customer database that stores all email addresses for all your users. Target them with well timed email campaigns and offers so that they stay your customer. Increasing your sales by pitching to already warm leads.

It’s simple, fast and a marketers dream product. You will wonder how you coped without it.

logoNiteHawk Technologies

“We decided not to invest in the Android TV Box industry. We had a Kodi build and quite a popular following on Facebook and Twitter. After 2 months of using the Business Plan we were creating over $2,000 each month. With no outlay for products this investment has been unbeatable”

Co-owner Nitehawk technolgies

The Business Plan Features

All Android Devices

Compatible with all Android TV Boxes, Android Mobile Devices, Nvidia Shield,
Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Box
Android OS 4.0 to 6.0

Your Own Media Player

This product comes with your own branded version of Kodi or SPMC
Stop promoting Kodi and start promoting yourself
with your very own branded media player

Remotely Update Kodi

Push new updates for your Kodi build over the air remotely to all of your customers in seconds.
You control the updates and you can push as many as you like, whenever you like

One or many builds

Our Kodi Updater range comes in two options whether you want to share just one Kodi build or many.
Multi build & Single build Kodi Updaters

One Payment Per Device

You get paid for every device your app is installed on with no exceptions.
Customize your own tariff and billing cycle
Get paid every time

Marketing Tools

Download all your users email address in CVS format
Ready to import in to your favorite email marketing tool such as MailChimp

Free Trial Period

Give your users a free trial period to test your app.
When the trial is over the user is prompted to start paying.
A trial can increase your conversion rate by 50%

Control Access

Control your users remotely from your secure backend.
Give away free access, extended trial periods or remove access.


All you need a Kodi build

You can start making serious money from your Kodi build today by charging your users for access to your Buisness Plan app by AVStream.

You make and update your build regularly. This takes time and we believe that you deserve to be paid for that. In our unique application your work is secure. You get paid for each device your Kodi build is installed on, not per user.

If anyone tries to get your work without your app it won’t work. If people don’t subscribed to your services they don’t get your build. Everything is secure and your Kodi Build is protected.

The business plan is perfect for anyone with a Kodi Build or multiple Kodi Builds. If you don’t want to invest in TV boxes you can still make money just by sharing your application via social media or on Aptoide.

Imagine having just 5,000 users all paying you $1.00 per month to access your Kodi Build. $5,000 per month just for keeping your Kodi Build great.

Single Build Payment Kodi Updater

Only £195.00

+£24.99/mo on completion of your app

App with your company branding
Updates Kodi/SPMC/Lodi from remote storage
FREE app updates included
24 hour delivery time

Multi Build Payment Kodi Updater

Only £245.00

+£24.99/mo on completion of your app

App with your company branding
Updates Kodi/SPMC/Lodi from remote storage
FREE app updates included
24 hour delivery time

Secure TLS 1.2 Verified Payments

Terms & Conditions
30 day cancellation notice required on all products.
If payments are missed we will attempt to take the payment over the following 2 days.
If no payment has been made 4 days after the first failed attempt then we will take steps to deactivate your product.
We do not condone, authorize or encourage the sharing of copyright material.