Let us take care of everything for you

All your Kodi issues taken away for all your customers
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Choose from 2 of our signature Kodi updating build apps.
Both ram packed with all the best addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids, Music and Sports.

WeMake the apps


We make the updates every month and push them out to all your clients. You don’t need to ever worry about things not working, we take care of everything for you.



Your clients get a simple to use, one click app and a streaming platform that not only always works but is also simple to navigate. Opening up your target audience dramatically.

You get your own App

Just like in the video using our unique Android File Transfer system.
  • We use our own Kodi fork, AVStream, so you never need to worry about the legal situation by associating Kodi and third party addons.
  • Both Builds under 150mb, perfect for all devices including Amazon Fire TV Sticks
  • No Force Closing required which means your hard drive is safe.
  • Regular Updates so everything stays working
  • Simple and fast updating. Absolutely anyone can use our Kodi build Updating system
  • We keep our app code update and can update all apps over the air with our latest code

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We send you one of our amazing android apps that you install on all your devices before shipping them out to your customers. When the customer launches their app everything from downloading the AVStream Kodi Fork to installing your choice of build on it is all done for them.

What devices can I install this on?

Any Android device with ARM processor. This includes all Android TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV products and mobile devices. It only takes a few seconds to set up when compared with installing Kodi and a build your set up time is reduced dramatically.

How often do you update the buids?

Every month or as soon as something stops working. We even include extra updates so that PPV events are never missed. You can sit back in the knowledge that everything is always taken care of.

Is this legal?

Yes. Providing you stick to our user guide you will not be breaking any laws and nor will your customers. Unlike selling Fully Loaded or with Kodi Pre Loaded with Kodi Wizard Addons our apps are completely legal and safe to use.

How long will this last?

For as long as you have customers. We have already been doing this for over 3 years now and have no intentions of stopping. Our clients are important to us and we always deliver our service. We have full control over the applications, even when they are with your customers. If things need to change in the code we can update all our applications over the air.

Get your fully managed Kodi Build App Today

Have your choice of Kodi build

Option 1 - Nebula

Nebula is a very popular Kodi Build for all our clients. It has a great modern look with all the typical streaming options easily navigated along a visual menu bar with up to 9 sub menu options for each category.
Well under 150mb Nebula is light and runs perfectly on all Android devices.

Only £4.99/month

Your app will be sent to the email address you use in the payment screen.
Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your application and user guide.

Option 2 - AVS Classic

AVS Classic is another of our most popular Kodi Builds. Everything easily found in an all-in-view tiles screen with great visuals for each option.
With 9 categories and each with 5 sub menu items nothing is left out in this build. Great for anyone who wants it simple and straight forward.
Even lighter than Nebula at under 100mb

Only £4.99/month

Your app will be sent to the email address you use in the payment screen.
Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your application and user guide.

Secure TLS 1.2 Verified Payments
30 days notice required for all cancellations