Be professional

with "the appy project"
● Android Firmware you control & edit remotely
● Share & update Kodi builds
● Share Android Apps
● Offer retro gaming instantly
● Take in app payments for IPTV subscriptions

Android App custom designed with your branding

The worlds only firmware application designed specifically for streaming, gaming and generating revenue
Our custom designed professional plan application, complete with your branding will generate up to 66% more revenue when compared with selling Android TV boxes pre loaded with Kodi.


Our Firmware app is packed with features
In app charges, Retro Gaming, Custom App share,
10 Kodi builds, home screen launcher
It’s complete.


A new level of professional
Unlike Chinese firmware our firmware can be edited remotely.
Giving your users a product that stays current.
A product only for the serious.

100% LEGAL

Unlike selling Kodi Fully Loaded or with
Kodi Wizard Add-ons our Kodi Updater range is 100% legal.
Stay ahead and out away from legal issues using our
unique Kodi updating legal system.


Fast. Safe. Legal. Simple


With options to add a payment gateway to access your app and the revenue from selling Premium IPTV a huge 500% increase in revenue can be achieved when compared to selling TV boxes alone.

We manage all the technical parts of the IPTV for you. This includes a UK EPG and a USA EPG with regular updates so everything stays working.

Uncapped revenue with easy to sell items will push your business forward in 2017.


Faster for you and faster for your customers.

Setting up your devices can take as little as 30 seconds. You only need to transfer your company branded professional plan app on to the devices and you’re done.

All your customer needs to do is launch your app and navigate around your custom designed master piece that is specifically designed around the complete streaming experience.

Free white labeled version of Kodi & SPMC

The professional plan comes with 2 white labeled, or forked, versions of Kodi 16.1 media player and Kodi 17.1 media player.
Both branded fully with your company branding with no reference to Kodi and they come fully re packaged. This means you can install the Kodi along side your white label version on the same device. Making your product compatible with all Android operating systems.

That’s not all. Read the features below…


All Android Devices

Compatible with all Android TV Boxes, Android Mobile Devices, Nvidia Shield,
Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Box
Android OS 4.0 to 6.0

Your Own Media Player

We de brand Kodi 17.1
This version works on all Android 6.0 devices running the amlogic chipset.
No Kodi Android 6.0 crashes

Up to 10 Kodi Builds

Give your users the ultimate choice
Add up to 10 Kodi builds to your app for you users to download and install
without force closing any apps

Up to 11 Apps

Even if they’re not installed on the device you can share up to 11 Android Apps of your choice directly on the home screen.
Making side loading history

In App Charges

Take in app purchases for access and any additional items that will accompany your services .
We have can help you set up charges for anything you wish from within your software.

Edit Everything Remotely

Edit everything in the app remotely.
Change the background, the button images, what the buttons do when selected, the Kodi builds and the apps remotely and whenever you like

Retro Gaming Platform

Integrated in to the app is our retro gaming platform.
We provide the emulators and the roms so all your users can get their Hadoken on

Launch from Boot

This product is configured to start on boot of your device. Laying over the current home screen so your users don’t know the difference between the Firmware app and the actual firmware


Lead the Market

Welcome to the professional plan home screen.

Everything you see in the image can be totally changed to your taste by you in our secure client area “The Appy Zone”.

Based on the Android 6.0 TV box home screen we have a selection of grids in the main of the screen and below. That’s the only part that stays the same. The rest is up to you.

Choose your own background image. Your own main screen grid titles and images. Decide what you want the main grid items to do when the user selects them using some pre defined built in functions like Retro Gaming, Kodi build and Launch App.

Have up to 11 apps across the bottom bar of your choosing. If they’re on the users device already the app will launch. If not the app will be downloaded and launched without the user having to do a thing.

The best part? You can changes all or any part of this as often as you like.

Fluid Firmware App

that you control & edit remotely

Only £395.00

+ £49.00 per month payable after app handover

App with your company branding
Appy Zone server control access
FREE app updates included
72 hour delivery time

Secure TLS 1.2 Verified Payments

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Terms & Conditions
30 day cancellation notice required on all products.
If payments are missed we will attempt to take the payment over the following 2 days.
If no payment has been made 4 days after the first failed attempt then we will take steps to deactivate your product.
We do not condone, authorize or encourage the sharing of copyright material.
To use the IPTV plugin you must ensure that you own the content you provide or you have the consent of the copyright holder to share the material.