by doing less


Your time is an asset and should be valued.
Our Kodi Updater range will automate and simplify
the tasks that take up 90% of your day.
Time that could be spent better.


What makes your product unique?
Having your own company branded Kodi Updating App installed
on your devices is not only professional but it sets you apart from the
Kodi Fully Loaded sellers on eBay and Amazon.

100% LEGAL

Unlike selling Kodi Fully Loaded or with
Kodi Wizard Add-ons our Kodi Updater range is 100% legal.
Stay ahead and out away from legal issues using our
unique Kodi updating legal system.


Fast. Safe. Legal. Simple


When compared to pre installing Kodi fully loaded or with a Kodi Wizard Add-on we can reduce your current user issues by 95%.

With our simple one click install and update app branded with your company branding any level of user can enjoy your Android product problem free.

When you give the user less to do you remove the issues. Our Kodi updater range do exactly that. Giving your customer the experience they want.


Faster for you and faster for your customers.

Setting up your devices can take as little as 30 seconds. You only need to transfer your company branded Kodi Updating app on to the devices and you’re done.

All your customer needs to do is launch your app each time they want to stream. They will always be updated with your latest Kodi build remotely.


Andrew Guidence
360 Streambox

“What do I love about the Starter Plan by AVStream? Everything! Not having to force close Kodi to get the build to stick is one very important factor but ultimately having our own branded Android App for our products is everything. Having almost no customer issues is pretty important too. Everything is so simple for us and the customer”.

All Android Devices

Compatible with all Android TV Boxes, Android Mobile Devices, Nvidia Shield,
Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Box
Android OS 4.0 to 6.0

Choice of Media Player

Works with all versions of Kodi, SPMC and Lodi
Choose to have your own Kodi Fork app to use with your Updating Application as an optional extra.
Choose your preferred method

Remotely Update Kodi

Push new updates for your Kodi build over the air remotely to all of your customers in seconds.
You control the updates and you can push as many as you like, whenever you like

One or many builds

Our Kodi Updater range comes in two options whether you want to share just one Kodi build or many.
Multi build & Single build Kodi Updaters

Kodi on your Android TV box

Lead the Market

The difference between Android TV box sellers on eBay and Amazon is simply the price. Nothing sets one apart from the other “Fully loaded, free movies and TV shows, all the sports” says nothing to a potential customer about the company.

Your own company branded software on your devices that takes care of and eliminates all users issues speaks volumes about your product and your company. You are a trusted company and people buy from trusted companies.

Being able to sell your products legally is a huge plus for your 2017 campaigns. As Android has now out sold Windows globally there really isn’t a better time to take advantage of the billion dollar Android streaming industry.

If you’re in the streaming industry, taking it seriously and looking to push on to the next level of sales we would love to work with you.

Single Build Kodi Updater

Only £9.99/mo

App with your company branding
Updates Kodi/SPMC/Lodi from remote storage
FREE app updates included
24 hour delivery time

Multi Build Kodi Updater

Only £14.99/mo

App with your company branding
Updates Kodi/SPMC/Lodi from remote storage
FREE app updates included
24 hour delivery time

Secure TLS 1.2 Verified Payments

Terms & Conditions
30 day cancellation notice required on all products.
If payments are missed we will attempt to take the payment over the following 2 days.
If no payment has been made 4 days after the first failed attempt then we will take steps to deactivate your product.
We do not condone, authorize or encourage the sharing of copyright material.