Appy v3 is ready for public release

Appy v3 is ready for public release

We are ready to release Appy v3

After some long nights over the past few months we have finally brought Appy v3 to the point where we are ready to release the app publicly. On the site we have release the news for the users. Here at we are releasing the news for our retailers.

There so new features and some improvements to tell you about.

The home screen has a new look for Appy Version 3

Appy Version 3

The old 6 grid home screen has been replaced with a new 8 grid home screen.¬†With one new action function for the home screen grid “HTML Launch”

What we have done in the above image is used HTML launch in grid 7 & 8 to create links to a page that displays the weeks sports fixtures and the links to them and Help which launched a web based help page.

The possibilities of this new action are almost endless. Link to chat, Facebook, twitter, YouTube videos, your latest news, promotions and anything else web related.


IPTV Premium we have decided to call IPTV Gold. Everything is the same but for some small changes. The back drop is more appealing, login section at the bottom of the window and we have added monthly payment options. The final thing we have done as a test is made the 24 hour trial free but 1 free trial per user. Sometimes they have to try it to realize just how good this service is.


10 Free Kodi Builds with update notifications

the 10 Kodi builds in appy free

10 of the most popular Kodi builds are now available to use from our servers. We will disclose the links to the builds privately when we upgrade you to v3.

The other thing to notice is here is a new updated notification. When a build is updated a notification will appear over that builds image making the experience much more enjoyable for the user.

Faster downloads

One of the biggest improvements will be in the speed of the downloads for the IPTV theme and the Kodi builds. Migrating to a new server has more than doubled the speed of the downloads.

Finally we have integrated the choice of media player for the user. One is the standard Kodi 16.1 and the new one is the latest SPMC app. This ends the issue with the media center closing during playback on Android 6.0 devices.

One other feature that we know a lot of you will be happy with, a build can now be installed even if the user has left the media player open in the background. No more failed to extract!

You can download the test apk here



  1. Will users be upgraded to V3?

    • Yes, this all happens over the air. The next time you launch your aappy v2 it will be upgraded to version 3

  2. Wot channels do I get

    • Not too sure what you mean by this Nigel.


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