Protecting your Kodi Build

Protecting your Kodi Build

Isn’t it about time that you can protect kodi build? Nothing is sacred in the world of streaming but we are about to change that for all AVStream clients.

Protect Kodi Build is our latest feature product for all of our applications. If you feel that you may have an issue where your Kodi build is leaking out all over the internet or in to the hands of a competitor then you really need to read and consider our Protect Kodi Build feature for your system.

Protect Kodi Build

Kodi is a world where if someone can take it for free then they will. Our current applications with payment gateways do protect your Kodi build to a degree but anyone with technical know how will still be able to take your Kodi build from a device and re produce it. Our none payment gateway apps have no protection and your build can be reproduced quite easily. Until now!

Our new product will stop your build being reproduced and placed on to devices that do not have your updating application, payment gateway application or your Appy project application.
We can further develop your system on our payment gateway apps so that once the users free trial expires your Kodi build will be removed from the system. If they uninstall your app before the trial ends the build will be removed from the system. If they take your build and try to use it on a different device the build will be removed.

Watch Protect Kodi Build in action with appy

Stop the theft of your work today and forever!

Protect Kodi Build for AVStream Clients

Only: £49.99

This project is custom built depending on your current application with us.
Protect software & full instructions included on purchasing.
One off fee.
We will contact you after payment for your app details.


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