Making money from Android TV box sales

android tv box sell

You can't rely on new customers alone if you are going to make it in the Android TV Box retail game. Making money from this sector is simple but you need to broaden your horizons and look a little further than just selling the devices. This guide will be more suited to our clients using our Ultimate Plan Fluid Firmware Software for Android TV devices but some of it will apply to any retailer. It i ...[Read More]

Kodi 17 transfers are almost complete

Kodi 17 transfers are almost complete

Today, for the first time in a long time we took a day off from developing. It has been a really long week where the moto has been "Sleep is over rated anyway" to get us in the position of having 50% of the Ultimate Plan clients converted over to our Kodi 17 app solution for Android TV retailers. Tomorrow and in the coming days we will have completed all Ultimate Plan clients apps all upgraded to ...[Read More]

Kodi Android TV Box Top Ten

Kodi on your Android TV box

So you just got an Android TV Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick? Great!! They make a wonderful addition to any entertainment setup. You’ve no doubt heard all about Kodi and streaming so let’s skip past that past and make sure that you are getting the very most out of your product by teaching you a few things that you won’t find anywhere else. by Steven Ste Ream Kodi advice and who to l ...[Read More]