Is TVAddons safe?

is tvaddons safe

Is TVAddons Safe

Is a question that is asked many times over but is rarely answered honestly and fully.

Times are changing in the world of third party addons and Kodi. Malicious code is popping up in addons everywhere and has been doing for a long time. The problem is that Kodi is, when all is said and done, nothing more than a cross platform python emulator. Inside an emulator the rules of the operating system do not apply. This means you're at the mercy of the developer. 

Protecting yourself and your privacy is difficult

Let's think about it. If the addon developers had any moral codes they'd be putting their programming skills to use in legal ventures or joining the Kodi official repository. They wouldn't be taking links from banks of servers and sharing them worldwide on the Kodi platform as a means to getting TV and movies for free. These people can be described as hackers. They love to take, but hate being taken from. There is no logic that fits this profile. This is the type of person you are trusting to look after your privacy and your device.

Things are difficult for you to weigh up because you probably look at python scripts as an alien language and that's before the code is obfuscated using a different language, pipe separated and finally encoded to base64. They go through a lot so that you can't see what they've done. Why do they do this and what are they hiding? In most cases they're hiding their live TV links but in some cases they're doing some very unsavory things.

So what can you do?


TV Addons have a history of malicious code in their addons. Sometimes they don't cause any harm but they do act like a virus. Their notifications addon will be installed without your interaction and from there you're subjected to receiving sales pitches from the TV Addons team. More recently the Exodus addon was exposed as secretly DDOS attacking the server of a rival developer. The ororo addon had malicious code in it that would delete the repository Dragon Streams. Many addons are taking analytical data from you without a privacy policy. It's an absolute snake pit.

The problem you have is you have no idea what you're getting when you install any addon but TV Addons have previous of using malicious code. Sure they have some very nice addons but they can not be trusted. You need to educate yourself and be wary of all addons, not just the ones coming from TVAddons. The Kodi platform and third party addons is getting as murky as using limewire back in the early 2000's. Nothing is verified or regulated and used at your own risk. Your anti virus software has no idea what is going on behind the Kodi python emulator.


 The answer to your question.

Is TVAddons safe to use and install their addons? No. The same could be said about many, if not all third party Kodi addons though. 

Be very careful of what you install and don't use the Kodi "add source" method of installing a repository. Instead copy the repository URL in to your web browser and press go. That will download the zip file for you. Open the zip and transfer the folder in to your Kodi addon directory. Open the repository from there. Install only the addons you need, if you see any other addon being installed along side your chosen addons your should open your addons folder in the Kodi enviroment (outside of Kodi, not in it) and delete the addon folders that you did not opt for. Secondly delete any folders in the userdata folder that you do not need. 

There is no sure fire way of staying safe these days while using third party addons. It's a gamble. Do you want free movies and live TV at the risk of malicious code or do you want to pay for your content?



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