IPTV middleware & VPN systems

The right tools to grow your IPTV business safely and autonomously. The only 100% secure method of Pay TV content delivery.

Pay TV Software Overview

Additional IPTV access layers that protect your servers
IPTV Content Server
1. Your IPTV content encoded on your IPTV CMS servers. Xtream Codes, Plex etc.
Our Secure Servers
2. Upload a single playlist URL to our panel. The IPTV content is organised, given meta data and encrypted.
End Users
3. Your end users connect to the IPTV content with a secure API token rather than a M3U URL via our server.

Additional Features

Create a safe streaming environment for you and your customers

Custom Media Player

Attractive and engaging software for your users so they can access the IPTV content via our secure server. Customized to suit your company branding with in-app payments, allowing potential customers instant access to the content you sell. It's intuitive design builds a viewing profile on the user and after 1 weeks use your software will accurately predict what they would be most interested in watching, increasing engagement by over 75%.

Combine Plex and M3U content

It was always about time that there was closed and managed system that combines M3U IPTV content and Plex media server content.
Add up to 6 Plex media servers to combine your Plex library and IPTV for your users to consume in one place without having to authorize individual users at your end.
All VOD gets parsed on our servers before combining and encrypting. The result is a poster image for every title, rich with meta data such as release date, description and viewers rating.

Fully Automated

Whether you own the IPTV server or whether you resell someone else's service the purchase and activation flow can be 100% automated, allowing you to focus on the things that are more important.
A hands-free approach to business free's you from the around the clock admin type work of setting up new users. It also removes all issues relating to users submitting their own credentials in to a platform.

Exclusive Features

Get ahead of the competition with our exclusive features
Remote Editing
Edit everything about your app and it's content, remotely and securely. Change your IPTV DNS or your menu artwork in our CMS panel and your users get the changes in the app instantly.
EPG without a URL
Our server will apply EPG data to your Live content without any submission data from you. It is all automated and included in your package saving you on average $29.99/month.
Integrated VPN
A one click and protect integrated VPN with a choice of 6 international servers. Charge your users for access in the app and you keep the profits.
App Store & Kodi Hub
The perfect platform needs more than IPTV. Add optional menus to your app such as a 3rd party app store and KodiHub builds.
AVS CMS panel




Our latest product for IPTV sellers and Android device retailers. The most secure and flexible IPTV streaming platform available. Built in VPN system and much more.


Used by over 14 million people globally. AVS v4 is like a serious version of flielinked where sharing custom apps remotely requires a little more authorization.
Snapp Codes IPTV and Plex media player


The number 1 trending IPTV & Plex media player on Google Play. Snapp is a free, one of a kind IPTV player that will accurately predict what you want to watch at any given time.


We can develop your project from your design and specifications. We specialise in IPTV, Plex, Stripe, PayPal, CMS panels, VPN and Apps. Anything is possible.
We make the tools. You decide how you use them.
Everything we do is free from content. We do not sell devices or IPTV packages.
We only develop software. Our clients/users source and add their own content.

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