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Android Device Retailer Solutions

We have specialized in this field for a number of years creating some of the most popular business systems and Android apps available to retailers. Our Android retailer automation plans create new and consistent revenue streams leaving you to focus on business growth.

VPN Systems for Businesses

Virtual Private Network software is taking over in 2018. We have developed a fully automated platform that you can turn in to an evergreen money making machine. It comes with your branding and theme. All you have to do is market it well and watch the sales stack up.

Bespoke Business Automation

We know that one size doesn’t fit all but with a quick and friendly consultation we can starting mapping out your business to create total automation. Remove the common repetitive tasks and streamline your processes to create a truely hands-free business.

We've worked with some amazing teams


"Finding a legal solution to sharing Kodi builds has been a huge step towards stepping out of the black market and in to the main market"

Alex Mazor CEO MuviBox (Android Retailer)

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