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Our latest product for IPTV sellers and Android device retailers. The most secure and flexible IPTV streaming platform available. Built in VPN system and much more.


Used by over 14 million people globally. AVS v4 is like a serious version of flielinked where sharing custom apps remotely requires a little more authorization.
Snapp Codes IPTV and Plex media player


The number 1 trending IPTV & Plex media player on Google Play. Snapp is a free, one of a kind IPTV player that will accurately predict what you want to watch at any given time.


We can develop your project from your design and specifications. We specialise in IPTV, Plex, Stripe, PayPal, CMS panels, VPN and Apps. Anything is possible.
We make the tools. You decide how you use them.
Everything we do is free from content. We do not sell devices or IPTV packages.
We only develop software. Our clients/users source and add their own content.

Latest Platform - AVS Version 6

More than an IPTV app

AVS version 6 is the most complete system we have ever built. Built out of the Snapp engine, v6 is more than an IPTV app.
Like Snapp, v6 is 100% secure, using secure API tokens to protect and keep hidden any sensitive data. It also combines IPTV and Plex except v6 is a completely closed system, connected to your services.
It’s the only 100% private system for IPTV services.

It's all in the back-end

All your data is encrypted and stored in the back-end.
Because we host everything securely in the back-end (rather than embedded in the APK) our system will keep your server details totally hidden. This also means you can change things on the fly, no more having to have your IPTV app continually edited if you need to change any of your details.
You can edit whatever you like from your v6 Control Panel and the next time your app is launched the changes you made are instantly available.

It's a sales funnel

Besides being an awesome media player for your IPTV and Plex content v6 also includes some pretty cool features for free.
It’s an all-in-one APK that will drive downloads and new users to your product. The app will cross sell your IPTV content and VPN access. You just kick back and get paid.
We have optional menus in v6 to include a third party app store and the KodiHub. Attracting new users and customers to your app is easy with these two free features for v6.

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