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Take In App Payments

We support any payment model that you have and by using software allow you to collect your fee’s securely from your users via your application you can tap in to a new lucrative revenue stream.

Easily and securely collect your monthly/annual fee’s for premium content or customer services charges.

By using the software to control your billing system mistakes do not happen, reducing your overall admin by a massive 90% leaving you more time to focus on growth and other projects.

Customize Everything

Our Android platform is the only software available that allows you to update the content of your app whenever you like, from where ever you like without having to update the actual app on the device.

All our apps come with a robust panel where you can control and edit everything in just a few clicks and your users will see the changes instantly.

Change your display images, your text, your menu options, your available apps, kodi builds all remotely via our secure client area simply and quickly.

Automation Is Our Passion

Everything we do, we automate. Saving you countless man hours and saving you from human error.

Our automation is at the level where the products we sell are businesses in a box. You don’t need to have a phD in computing to use our products, in most cases all you need is a PayPal business account

The amount of time saved just by allowing software to deal with your usual essential business tasks will push you to the next level.

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Who needs our services?

We don’t develop “just” Software, we develop whole business platforms with software. You’re buying a whole Business, not just some software.

Xtream Codes panel users, IPTV vendors (hotels, hobbyists, corporates), Android TV box retailers and anyone concerned with the rise of legal issues that revolve around sharing Kodi configurations and IPTV.

Android and online streaming are 2 of the biggest growth industries this year and are set to rise even further. We offer you a simple and direct method to start earning money from this sector today with our tried, tested and proven software formula. In some cases all you need to get started and earning money is a PayPal or Stripe account.