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Android Apps for IPTV Retailers and Android TV Box Distributors

AVS v4 Platform
Our best selling platform for IPTV & Android retailers
AVS v6 Platform
Our latest & most powerful product
VPN Platform
Own your own private VPN application
No monthly fee

Middleware solutions with business in mind

Take In App Payments

In app payments earn a 45% higher conversion rate than payments taken outside the application using invoices or WHMCS platforms.

It’s simple, instant and 100% secure.
Stop making your customers leave your application just to make a payment. Make life easier for them with in-app payments.

We use discrete item descriptions to ensure that what you are selling stays private. Protecting you and your customers.

Customize Everything

Our Android platform is the only software available that allows you to update the content of your app whenever you like, from where ever you like without having to update the actual app on the device.

All our products come with a robust control panel where you can control and edit all your content in just a few clicks and your users will see the changes instantly.

Change your display images, your text, your menu options, your available apps, kodi builds or IPTV server URL, remotely via our secure client area simply and quickly.

Automation Is Our Passion

Everything we do, we automate. Saving you countless man hours and saving you from human error.

Our automation is at the level where the applications we sell are businesses in a box. You don’t need to have a phD in computing to use our products, in most cases all you need is a PayPal business or Stripe account

The amount of time saved just by allowing software to deal with your usual essential business tasks will push you to the next level and makes the user experience a simple procedure.