Android Software for TV Box Retailers

Sell More by doing less with tried, tested and proven platforms

Home Screen Launchers

Replace the boring, static Android Home Screen with something that you can control and edit remotely. Edit the look and content remotely to create the perfect platform for your users and have a platform that actually represents your business.

Make More by doing less

Make the most of the digital age and turn your device sales in to recurring income.
With the use of in app purchases our Android Developments will earn you up to 66% more than just selling pre-loaded devices.

Legal Android Box Sales

It’s time you smartened up your act and got out of the black market.
The fear of wondering if your next letter is a cease and desist can be totally removed with our platform AND you can still provide everything users love to have on Android.

What do you actually sell?

Sounds like a silly question doesn’t it. You sell Android Boxes, right?
When you think this you are destined for a short stint in the industry.
The physical goods are Android TV Boxes or Amazon Fire TV Devices but the sale won’t be about the physical item. Anyone can jump on Amazon and most probably get a much better price for the same thing as you are selling.
The “thing” that sells the physical item is, and always will be, the software on the device. This is what sets you apart from the generic Android devices. This is what sets you apart from the “Fully Loaded” hucksters. This is what will warrant your place in the industry and why customers will flock to buy from you.
You need great software that is your own to make it anyway in the multi billion dollar Android industry. That’s exactly what we do. We put companies like yours on the map in less than 24 hours for less than you think.

"Finding a legal solution to sharing Kodi builds has been a huge step towards stepping out of the black market and in to the main market"

Alex Mazor CEO MuviBox (Android Retailer)

Do it right. Do it legally. Do it quickly

Legal Android TV Box Sales
Update Kodi Builds Without Force close
No Kodi User Issues
Fast Android Set Up
With company after company being taken apart is makes sense to do it right and do it legally without the use of Kodi Wizard Addons or pre installing Kodi Builds.
Our software developments are designed to be 100% legal to sell anywhere in the world and at the same time offering everything a user buying an Android TV Box wants. The days of pre loading a device with Kodi are well and truly gone.
The system is simple for you to use and simple for your customers. Giving them everything they want in a simple to use interface.
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