Automate IPTV sales with AVS v6


When your business model is involved in the sale of digital goods it makes sense to integrate in as much automation as you can. In most cases there should be no reason why you can’t have 100% automation. So, it’s time to automate IPTV without main server access.

We have found a very unique way to provide this in AVS v6 when we can’t access the main IPTV sever and when your IPTV sales include an email sending service providing the new user or returning user with login credentials. Like WHMCS.

In the example we use “WHMCS” because that’s just a very popular sales platform for IPTV retailers but any email sending system will work. We just need our email address adding to the BCC field of the email you send to a user after they have purchased with their IPTV access.


Automate IPTV Access


Complete the data in your v6 panel and include our email address in the BCC field of the email. That’s it, you have automated IPTV access. When someone buys from you the IPTV access will be added to their profile in your v6 app ready to be consumed.


The flow looks like this;

  1. Someone buys IPTV access from your website.
  2. Your sales platform creates the user in the CMS panel and emails them their username and password.
  3. The user gets the email and we get that email.
  4. We apply the login credentials to your user database and email the user letting them know how to get started in your app; or that we have updated their access (if they are already an app user).


For added security you could omit sending the user their IPTV username and password all together and just allow the access to be created in your application ready for them to consume using our emailer service.

However you choose to use it, if you already have an emailing system that sends out usernames and passwords for IPTV access, you can have 100% automation in AVS v6.

This feature is obviously only for the v6 Seller Edition.

In the v6 Owners Edition you have pure automation using our private API. Sales are made app side, the user is charged instantly and if the payment was successful access to your content is granted instantly. To automate IPTV access using any other method for the Owners Edition would be a step backwards.

But, not everyone is an IPTV service owner which is why we made automation possible without installing our API on the IPTV server.

This IPTV automation feature has been tested in AVS v6 and in Snapp before it’s release.

This feature is now available for all v6 Seller Type clients, new and existing.


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