AVS IPTV software – The Omni project

AVS IPTV software – The Omni project

What have we been doing recently

It feels like an eternity since I did one of these blog posts. It’s a time thing and a “they aren’t much fun” to do thing, but I get a lot of questions every day about what’s going on in my world and so here I am broadcasting again.

What exactly have the team and I been doing recently? Mostly working on version 6 of our IPTV software which is due for release in couple of months. I chat about v6 in more detail in this post. In today’s post I wanted to share with you another project that we have just completed for the team at Omni and something that has kept us quite busy over the last few weeks.

Omni Project IPTV software vending machine

I call it an IPTV software vending machine because that’s pretty much what it is. It’s like a miniature version of our software selling system but obviously more suited to Omni’s re-seller ecosystem. In a nutshell, we designed a launcher for them and they wanted their re-sellers to have cloned versions of this launcher except for basic branding changes. They had 85+ clients requiring a custom branded version of the Omni Launcher and so required a management system with as much automation as possible.

An existing client came to me with a very simple design for a home screen launcher. A few basic customization’s but essentially a 3 options home screen. A button that will download / launch an installed app, a button to access the system wifi settings and a remote toggle for a button that opens up a basic 10 apk app store. The toggle was triggered remotely, on = display in app, off = not displayed in app.

No in app transactions needed, no user database, no api’s and no e-mail verify system. Intro video in to access. Very straight forward.

The Omni launcher was a simple concept.

So we knocked up the launcher and included a very basic back end where the client could control the fluid aspects of the product. The app worked great and was sent to their supplier in China to become the launcher for their range of TV products.

I really value my position doing what I do, I meet with some of the most inventive groups of people each day. These guys saw the opportunity and asked us to support them with software and so we did.

The idea was that their group of around 85 re-sellers might also like an app like theirs except with their own branding and their own back-end so they have total control over their own product. The system would even work for people that aren’t re-sellers too since the app that is launched from the home screen on one of the 3 options can be configured in the back end.

With this volume of potential clients we needed a system that is 100% automated in terms of customer flow; purchase, sign up, create members area, submit forms for app data and e-mail contact for download links. It was also important that we (AVS) remained anon. (The best good deeds are the ones nobody knows you did).

This is what we came up with…

The Omni dashboard App Control


The Omni Admin options for creating new apps (Admin only)

The project completed in around 4 days, a fully automated home screen launcher vending machine.

  • Admin creates a new user in their admin panel.
  • The user is created, emailed a welcome email and accesses a web submit form for the app instructions
  • They submit the form, we develop the app and send it back to the new user via e-mail.
  • The panel is on a domain name unrelated to us and all contact with the new customer is dressed up as coming from Omni.

We wish the guys at Omni all the very best with this venture.

All done. A fun journey.

Back to v6 🙂


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