Making money from Android TV box sales

android tv box sell

You can't rely on new customers alone if you are going to make it in the Android TV Box retail game. Making money from this sector is simple but you need to broaden your horizons and look a little further than just selling the devices.

This guide will be more suited to our clients using our Ultimate Plan Fluid Firmware Software for Android TV devices but some of it will apply to any retailer.

It is no doubt, selling Android TV Boxes is a lucrative business, but only when you do it correctly. There are six main areas to exploit to generate income with half being self generating revenue streams, meaning that you don't have to do anything work wise to make your money. It can be made while you sleep.

Are you doing all you can or are you just relying on new sales to make money? Let's find out.

Adsense makes sense

This is the first area you should be exploiting. It is money made while you sleep. The more users you have, the more you make.

If you haven't already signed up with Google Adsense you can do so here 

The next thing you need to do is add some webpages that relate to your product. The best converting pages are;


  • Help pages - help topics for setting up and navigating your application
  • FAQ - similar to help pages
  • What's On - use to create a list of sports fixtures and where your users can find the links
  • News - What's new with everything streaming
  • Promotions - Works two fold with generating sales from your new products or cross sells.


Create your page and get your adsense code from Google. Embed the code in your site between topics. Don't over do the adverts, nobody likes that. Tread the fine line between generating revenue from adverts while keeping the content clean and not intrusive. 3 to 4 ads is fine. The best way to make them really work is by displaying an advert under or above a video that the user will watch, the longer the advert is in the display the more you generate.

Add the pages to your Ultimate Plan Home Screen

Log in to the Appy Zone

Select Mange App and then Home Screen & Background

We have used section 7 and 8 for our adsense pages

make money

Give the section a title "What's on" or "Help"
Choose the image for your button
Choose Action "URL redirect"
Enter the URL to your web page

Then launch your app and check everything is working



Become an Affiliate 

You really don't know the benefits of becoming an affiliate until you jump in and do it.

There are 2 that I like to use the most.



Amazon's affiliate platform is one of the best ways to make money and it's simple. Any product that goes with your TV box can be sold via an affiliate link from you and you can make up to 10% of the sale from doing almost nothing at all. This is a great way to cross sell remotes, new device, batteries, cables, and anything remotely to do with streaming and Android TV. You get none of the hassle and a share of the profits.

Affiliate Groove are the company that look after IPVanish. Sign up with them and generate a link to sell VPN services to your users. There has never been a better time to sell VPN than right now if you are involved in streaming media using Kodi.

You can link to your affiliate pages via your Ultimate Plan app in the same way as we just did with URL redirect action. This is a great way to not only provide great things for your users but to also make money in the most simplest way.


In app Charges

This is only for our clients and the software we provide.

Creating reoccurring revenue streams is the difference between survival and the death of your business. There is no better way to generate income from in app purchases.

You have 2 methods to consider. One or the other or both work great. 

Charging for app access

There is a trick to this. Initially you should offer you app for free to allow the installs to build up. After some time and once you have a large user base you can turn on the access fee after a user has been using the software for 12 months.
A small monthly or annual fee works great with this method, similar to how WhatsApp extract $1.00 per year from it's users.

Charge for Gold/Platinum Access

This is an optional part of the Ultimate Plan. To include this you simply enter the Appy Zone, Manage App, Home Screen & Background and choose the Action IPTV. This will launch our IPTV platform so you can charge your users for premium IPTV access. This market does have it's obvious risks if you are using an Xtream Codes panel and TV channels that you do on own the broadcast rights to. However if you do own the broadcast right then this option is great for creating a nice and very popular revenue stream.


And finally...

The last 2 areas to exploit you are already doing. This is new sales and upgrades.

New sales should be a constant campaign for you as you will already know. Make sure you invest in marketing. I can't reinforce that hard enough.

Use your e-mail list generated from your Ultimate Plan software in the appy zone by going to Manage Users and selected Export Emails to CVS. Keep this list updated weekly and push weekly/monthly newsletters out pushing your up sells and cross sells.

That's everything you need to know. If you aren't doing all of the above money making methods to accompany your sales then you are simply missing out on what is relatively free income. 

Good luck




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