AVS IPTV Software – Version 6

AVS IPTV Software – Version 6

Version 6 – Update news

Wow! It feels like it’s been forever ago since we started on version 6. I can’t remember the exact date but we must be coming up for 6 months worth of developing and design now. Just about the right time to start sharing some more details with you because we are in sight of the finish line.

The hardest job I will have from here is explaining just how powerful a tool v6 will be for IPTV retailers, no matter where you are in the food chain. Whether you own your own system, whether you’re a re-seller or even if you don’t want to sell IPTV. Version 6 will become your must have tool for management, growth, security and distribution of your IPTV service or/and your Android TV Devices. It’s not going to be easy explaining this without the live product but I will do my best and keep it brief and separate the app side from the back end over 2 posts. In this one I will cover the app side in basic detail.

What's new with Version 6

Set up Wizard

Version 6 will have 3 different types of platform for you. One for IPTV providers and their re-seller networks, one for re-sellers of IPTV services and one for box sellers that don’t sell IPTV. Our evaluation product will be the option without IPTV sales. It comes with a web based environment where users can upload their m3u playlist to be parsed in to v6.
It starts with a set up wizard. E-mail verify and then entry of a 6 digit “Snapp code”. This code connect the users m3u playlist to the application after they have done everything they want to do on the web side. This can be organsing the channels, merging more than one playlist in to one and adding a local or remote media server (like plex). IPTV providers can become members of our eco system for the evaluation app so that their users can select their provider from a list and their users enter a username and password to login.
At this point we ask the user to sign up and if they need access to the built in VPN services. The VPN will be upgrading to 10GB up and down servers for v6 to handle the user volume at all times.

AVStream v6 Set up wizard

The home screen

We’ve already covered Android 5 in our “fluid firmware app” v4 and in v5 we recreated the Amazon TV UI. This time around for v6 the UI is based on the Android TV interface.
In a nutshell the Android TV UI brings all your content in to a home screen so most things can be accessed very quickly. The most important factor of this new interface is the way that the user can customize their own home screen so that it suits them better. They can move menu’s around so that the content they like the best will be in the best place for them. Allowing personal customization is the best way to do anything. We have made a host of options for the user so they can add, remove and move around the things they will need. This eases back-end work for you because the user will decide what is best for them.
At the top will be a break down of the IPTV content (m3u and media server), Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, 24/7, Sports and Adult (Adding Kodi builds, app store and gaming will be configured in the back end similar to v5 but we won’t be using these in the evaluation copy). The content from each menu is predictive, just like Netflix, if you like a certain type of Movie, TV program or TV Show the software will be letting the user know about it from the home screen.

Live TV

Based on Sky Q’s Live TV EPG. A list of the group titles on the left and the grid style EPG in the main section. Across the top will be an information display of the currently highlighted option. Very similar to what you would expect from a TV service in the era. In the initial release it will be a standard click and play but future releases are including Multi Screen (user will need up to 4x connections on their line to allow and this will be more for Sports than general TV) and a recording to local hard drive. Catch up TV may make it in to the initial release depending on whether we can work with a few different IPTV providers to ensure functionality. The beauty of v6 is we have left a lot of scope for additions like this.

AVStream screen shot of version 6 Live TV EPG

Movies & TV Shows

Based on Netflix once a title has been selected from the main screen. With more data for the user than before making selecting a title to watch even easier. As covered in the Home screen section above the software will be offering the user things to watch based on their usage. Anything the user part watched will be ready for you to resume again from the home screen, anything the user is interested in will also be available for the user in a “recommended” section.

AVS v6 Movie Menu Section

AVStream v6 Movies selected title Resume playback

AVS – Version 6 TV shows selected

AVS V6 – TV Show Episode View

What is v6 going to cost?

As mentioned there will be 3 types of purchase and the standard entry level version (re-seller type) will cost $395.00. It’s a bit of an increase on the v5 entry level but the difference between products is huge in terms of development.

Version 6 will blow any Smarters type app out of the water. We are similarly priced to smarters but yet we offer back end customization and way more features. Actual features that solve problems and not just features for the sake of features. Which we will cover in more detail when our evaluation product is released.

As the days go by we will be able to discuss more with you about v6 so that your understanding of it is clear but for now that is the basics and I will sign off with a video from back in January that displays the working features of the initial concept of the UI.


Thanks for reading.
We will be back with more news regarding the back end very soon.

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