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AVS v6 – Update news

It has been a good while since our last update on AVS v6, I am very sure that this will be the last update with out a digital product and a solid release date. Since now and then we have been testing and incorporating algorithms in to the software as well as fixing bugs app side and server side.

The general idea of this post is so that you can start making some in roads in to your pre-launch marketing so that when we release the final date of launch you don’t have a mountain of work to get through. One thing to keep in mind is that your release date will depend on where you are in the client list. Launching at the same time as us will be the 5k clients, then we will work on the upgrade clients. Every update we always work in the same order for upgrades. First come first served, basically our longest standing clients will update first and then we work through you all in the order you joined us.

What to expect depending on your client type

5K clients

This is the elite group of clients that have joined the 5k project. Here we will be casting the net far and wide. The user base is worldwide and you are tapping in to every single avenue of the IPTV industry. Netflix users, Plex users, Kodi users and M3U users.

The finer details of the marketing strategy will be e-mailed to you privately but here is a list of things you need to be getting on with before we can send you an evaluation copy of Snapp.


  1. Domain name registration.
  2. App name
  3. Web site images
  4. App side images
  5. Play Store registration
  6. Warm up e-mails to existing e-mail lists.

Upgrade clients from v5 to v6

First of all you need to have a think about whether you are upgrading or not. We will ask you this via the appy zone in the coming weeks. If you do decide on an upgrade you will then need to choose a version based on your business type.

Business types are;

  1. IPTV server owner with a network of re-sellers
  2. IPTV re-seller
  3. IPTV & Android device retailer
  4. Android device retailer


These are the 4 main client groups we have identified. There will be differences mostly in the back-end, rather than app side, designed to work with your business model more precisely than v5 did.

As for your marketing here you need to let your users know of the coming upgrade and what to expect from AVS v6. As a standard the app will contain all the features they are used to except they will have more control over the display. With the ability for the user to arrange their own menu options they can custom the home screen to display what is most important to them front and center.
Other important features here are our algorithms where the app will predict with good accuracy what the user will want to watch whether that be Live TV or VOD. Reducing that mind numbing period of “What shall we watch now”. If you have used Netflix before this is what we have done. Specific tiles can be searched for using the search feature, this has been enhanced to be more predictive too. There are many new features so here is the list;


  1. Continue watching across devices
  2. Predictive recommendations of titles
  3. Enhanced add to favourites
  4. Full grid style EPG
  5. 24 hour data cache (no more loading on each launch)
  6. Live TV in play display to include Now & Next guide
  7. Scroll and change channels in Live TV playback
  8. New integrated media player (formally VLC player, now Exoplayer)
  9. Auto play next episode in series
  10. More meta data on titles, rating, release year and poster image.
  11. Catch up TV (dependent on IPTV provider)


How long until v6 is released?

Earlier in the year we said Spring/Summer and that time has passed now. Looking back it was rather ambitious since you can’t plan for the unknown and we have found ourselves in the unknown a lot recently so rather than offer a new release data let me just explain what is left to do.


  • We need to complete the home screen with real content rather than virtual testing content.
  • Add the settings menu app side.
  • Admin side of the back end.
  • Tweak the back-end navigation.
  • Test the media server connection with more servers.
  • Test the whole platform.
  • Release to the focus group.
  • Fix the returned bugs.



AVS v6 home screen with virtual channel content. Channel represented by what is currently airing rather than a static channel logo.


How can you help?

You can help in the last few weeks if you have;


  • An extensive m3u playlist with compete tvg_id data.
  • Media servers with VOD content
  • M3U playlist with time shift (catch up) content
  • An EPG XML that is complete from epgguide.net


If you have any of these things and want to help out we would much appreciate it and would invite you to some opening testing of our complete system.

That's all for now

The next time we contact you we will be letting you know the results of focus grouping testing and will give a solid release date for v6 and the start date for the upgrade clients.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions just send me an e-mail. The features list above is not complete. We will release the full list features on or around launch date.

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