AVS Version 6 project news and updates

avs v6

AVS v6 – Update news It has been a good while since our last update on AVS v6, I am very sure that this will be the last update with out a digital product and a solid release date. Since now and then we have been testing and incorporating algorithms in to the software as well as fixing bugs app side and server side. The general idea of this post is so that you can start making some in roads ...[Read More]

Mobdro responds to Malware Allegations

Mobdro Malware

Mobdro responds to Malware Allegations   Mobdro accuses Digital Citizens of presenting the public with unsubstantiated evidence. The developers behind the streaming app impute the findings to studying tinkered versions of their software. They deny all allegations and point out several elements that have been straight out misunderstood by the DCA organization. Two weeks ago, the reporting abou ...[Read More]

AVS IPTV Software – Version 6

AVS IPTV Software – Version 6

Version 6 – Update news Wow! It feels like it’s been forever ago since we started on version 6. I can’t remember the exact date but we must be coming up for 6 months worth of developing and design now. Just about the right time to start sharing some more details with you because we are in sight of the finish line. The hardest job I will have from here is explaining just how power ...[Read More]