Snapp IPTV and Plex Media Player v2.0 Release News

Snapp IPTV and Plex Media Player v2.0 Release News

The latest version of Snapp v2.0 releases today. After a month of global bad news here's something to cheer you up. Version 2 has focused on launch speed and stability with some new additions to make your usage much more enjoyable.

Snapp XC – Coming up next

Snapp Coming Up Next

We have some interesting features coming up in Snapp. Mostly focused on the IPTV provider side of Snapp or as we call it Snapp XC will be a vast improvement in the level of control an IPTV provider has over their users using Snapp.

Snapp Updated to v1.6

Snapp IPTV Update News

Snapp was updated to version 1.6 today. The main 2 changes are mobile compatibility and VOD resume play across devices. The update has been pushed on and off the app stores. Please note that after updating you will be required to enter your Snapp code for verification.