Turn any Android device in to a $4000 per month income

You don't need to be a genius

We’ve done all the hard work and created products that people love to use. All you have to do is put your name and logo on it.

Physical goods not required

You don’t have to be an Android Device retailer. Although it is beneficial you can still make big money in app sales.

Ready to start in 24 hours

Development takes 24 hours or less. Your Android Software could be ready to use this time tomorrow.

We live in a world dominated by Android

2 Billion android devices are active every month

How can I get in to the industry?

You need to either be an Android Device Retailer (selling smartphones / tablets / Android TV boxes) or you need to be an Android developer. The people that make the most money combine their devices with some form of development.

But I don't know how to develop Android Apps?

That’s where we come in. We have produced popular Android products in the 2 biggest growth sectors of Android. All you do is send in your company details and we make the app yours. That’s it. Then you can install your software on the devices you sell or you can distribute online or on the Play Store.