AVStream have done it again!!

a brand new way of delivering your m3u playlist

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You sell a premium m3u playlist (IPTV) either as a re-seller or a seller but you have the same problem that the next person.

The way you deliver your content sucks and everyone is using the same products. You all look the same.

It’s a fact and you are powerless to do anything about it. If your provider doesn’t upload the correct channel logos or the correct Movie posters then your stuck with that. If you use a generic IPTV player for you content you are stuck with how the developers thinks it is best to display your content. If you want to reach out to your users for new sales or promotions you can not.

And “this” is your shop window.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to give you back the editorial power of what you sell and it’s time to give your sales some well needed juice.

We have developed a platform that delivers on every level where other products can not doing all the things that you wish you could do but were powerless to edit. We are giving you back the power over you product.

  • Use your own channel logo’s
  • Separate the channel groups better
  • Separate Live TV, Sports and 24/7 channels from each other
  • Organised on demand content
  • Integrated EPG
  • Pay in app for subscriptions
  • Offer free trials
  • Have areas of the app that users can play with for free
  • The user never sees their username or password
  • Generate sales using email marketing or message users directly via the app

Use your own Channel Logo’s

We know how it makes you look when your supplier either uploads poor channel logo’s or doesn’t upload any at all. It’s amateur and your users do notice it. With our system you can upload your own channel logo’s over writing what you supplier pre-formats in the playlist. If you fancy a change, you can change the image remotely without causing anything to have to be redeveloped.

Better channel grouping

The list of channel groups does serve it’s purpose but visually it offers nothing. We use a image tiles to identify the channel groups, users find it much easier to navigate the content.

Separate the Live TV, Sports and 24/7 channels from each other

Your playlist will have 3 identifiable live sections that in reality need to be separated from one another. With our platform you can do just that. You can have one section for Live TV, one for Sports and one for 24/7. This makes everything so much easier for your users.

Organized on demand content in to genre

When you upload a playlist with on demand content our software will take the title and search it on the IMDB. The search returns with the movie poster and the movie description. Then it will organize the content in to genres for you to be displayed in your app.

Integrated EPG

What good would a m3u player be without an EPG. Ours has it and you can change the URL to the EPG whenever you like.

Pay In App

We know it’s a pain getting people to pay their subscriptions or getting the payment options out to new users which is why with our system the users pay for their subs in the app. The payments go to you and that is that.

Offer free trials

The users can take a free trial from you in the app. You decide how long the free trial will last and it’s only one free trial per device. No more people shaking you down for freebies.

The users never see their username or password

The biggest user error comes from users not entering the details correctly. With our system we remove the user issues by activating their device remotely. They buy, you activate their device and off they go. It is the most professional system available.

Marketing tools

If you’re not marketing then you’re going to suffer in sales. The product comes with all the bells and whistles of the Ultimate Plan, email marketing, banner ads, built in VPN that you can make money on and much more. The possibilities are endless.

I could go on and on and on....

The truth is our IPTV delivery system is far superior to anything that is currently available and not just that, once you sign up with us we never stop making improvements and you get all the improvements for FREE. You don’t have to re buy anything from us and we will keep making it better.

If you already have the Ultimate Plan then you can login to the appy zone and purchase the add-on to your current software.

If you are a new customer or you are looking to upgrade you can get the Ultimate Plan and the m3u aggregator add-on for a combined deal price using the button below.