AVS v5 to v6 upgrade panel is complete

AVS v6 Panel

The new display

It’s been a long road to get here. A road that has had so many diversions and distractions that have made it difficult to get anywhere at all.
First of all we had to make the v6 concept app perfectly stable and running on as many devices as possible. That part is done but to put the horse before the cart we needed the backend of the system and that’s what this post is all about.
The AVS v6 panel is based on the Snappcodes CMS panel with all the feature available to control your v6 app remotely.
AVS v6 panel home
Home Screen
The home screen will offer your app stats at a glance with a graph for a visual on your progress in IPTV sales, new users and VPN sales. Quick links for downloading all users emails and your app fee payment control. Finally a message box for contacting us directly to email. We want to filter all messages through this system to streamline our communications with you.

User Control
The user control page is home to a few features. Firstly viewing individual users information. Users can be found via IP address or email address. IPTV credentials are entered here after selecting a user for IPTV manual clients. Other data such as email pin and app access control are here too.
Banning and removing users at the click of a button for just in case.
Download users email addresses based on a few conditions and a message box to pass in-app notifications to your users.

Editing your app artwork
The feature that makes us, us. Editing the look of your app. The AVS v6 panel offers a real time artistic edits of your app. In v6 there are a lot of options, mostly submenu options, for you to add images for. What we have done is pre populated the platform with our stock images so that you have less to do if you just want to hit the ground running and change things later in your timeline.
The usual app update feature with the same rules as the appy zone is in here.
IPTV v6 options
IPTV Options
The IPTV backend in the new AVS v6 panel has gone through some serious advances with the biggest addition being the ability to add and merge the contents of up to 6 Plex servers. Also works with other types of Plex system like JellyFin and so on.
You can add and merge up to 3 m3u playlist from different providers and organise them using our drag and drop method. You can hide dead channel groups and re-order the content anyway you wish. All content is refreshed and parsed every 24 hours.

Kodi & App sections
The difference here is we are using Kodi. No more forked version because there is absolutely no need not to and doing it this way we can upgrade the users version of Kodi in the app as soon as the latest Kodi version is deemed stable. Like before you can add your own builds and the KodiHub builds or just automate with the KodiHub content.
A drag and drop organiser has been added to create your display. KodiHub content is fixed in position, however you can place your own builds anywhere within the KodiHub content.
The apps section is exactly the same. Add your own apps to our library of apps with the new addition of updating third party apps.
Here is the new part, your settings. Firstly you can edit your login credentials to the panel. Next to this a section to download all your invoices for your tax returns.
Another new addition is to limit the amount of allowed devices with one email address. This is very important to prevent any abuse of the Plex system. V6 will be recurring payments with the same rules as before where a missed payment would suspend your product. To help prevent this you can change your method of payment easily.
Your Stripe keys will no longer be embedded in to the application so that you can edit them remotely whenever you need to change accounts we have added a section for this here in settings.
Lastly you can pass access to a virtual assistant or team member with different levels of allowed access.
We will be producing the full help document for the new AVS v6 panel and it will be available with your updated APK.
After we have tested the panel completely we will resume with the app updates. You will contacted privately to discuss your project.

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