Development on the KodiHub has started.

We are 4 weeks away from releasing the KodiHub v2.0

The KodiHub has been the number one free cloud storage service for Kodi Builds for over 4 years and has needed no new development since its birth.

Today we are releasing the news of a new KodiHub which we expect to be live in 4 weeks time. The current system has been working tirelessly since day one but had no method of funding to take it further than an online uploading form. Without funding projects like this just get old and eventually vanish.

The KodiHub

The KodiHub will be community and corporately funded

The new service will include an option to donate and or sponsor a KodiHub Kodi build. The funds will pay for further development on the KodiHub and (hopefully) cover the projects running costs.

We want to keep the KodiHub completely free for all users and we have plans for the future as well as covering the servers overheads. An application for Android, iOS and AppleTV, a Kodi add-on and more tools from the web panel.

What to expect from the KodiHub v2.0

With the likelihood of an Android application being developed before the end of the year we have increased the amount of meta data a build needs when being uploaded. This will allow the app to be a feature rich experience.

Builds will require;

  • Splash screen 1920 x 1080
  • Android TV tile 320 x 180
  • Intro video mp4 16:9
  • Build description
  • Kodi Version

Search feature to browse for builds, check out their stats and leave your reviews. With funding we will add a feature here where you can browse builds online and push the build of choice to your devices via the KodiHub web panel.

That’s pretty much everything we will be doing. The web front-end, the backend and everything the middleware will need in terms of API responses.

We will start the Android APK at our expense but obviously any funding to help with this would be great.

Then it’s just a case of seeing where the funding takes this project and whether or not it is a service that people have a use for.

I will release more news as we begin the testing phase.

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