The end of Kodi the start of Appy v5

end of kodi

While everyone is running around flapping about the end of Kodi we are quietly getting on with Version 5 of our Ultimate Plan Fluid Firmware Software for Android TV devices.

This upgrade of our software is the biggest project we will have undertaken to date. The main objective is as always to provide the user with all the streaming content and android goodies all in one easy to navigate place but the backend system used by our app clients will also be massively improved with added options and features that for now how only ever been talked about.

We won't be going in to too much detail in this post about the interface and everything that it can do but what we will be giving away some of the secrets we have been keeping from you.

The end of Kodi

I just want to quickly touch in this subject before we dive in with the Appy v5 news.
This is not the end of Kodi and third party addons. Sure, a few have hung up their developers hats but make no mistake this is not the end. New addons are born, they age and then they disappear. That is the nature of Kodi and third party addons. It happens all the time.

Dish TV network have flexed their muscles and some developers have run for the hills. I promise you this, once the developer gets to hills he will assume a new identity and jump in the first taxi back to where they came from. All this will do is strengthen the Kodi addon developers. They take the lessons and they learn from them. They will come back stronger and better than ever because nothing unites people better than a common enemy. At the moment the end of Kodi is nothing more than click bait to get you to visit some google advert and some poor content.

Just in case there are any uncertain times within the Kodi community in v5 we have removed the need to rely on Kodi for streaming services. There is always more than one way to skin a cat.


What's new in v5 for the users?

Pretty much everything. The user interface, or UI, has been totally re designed and has been ascetically enhanced. We have followed the lead of 2 of the most popular launchers in regards to layout and delivering the content.

The same options will be available, apps, Kodi Builds, gaming, Gold Members but the content will be displayed better and there will be way more of it. The gaming section has been totally redesigned and will be almost complete with thousands of ROM's to load for your favorite consoles from yesteryear. 

Gold Members area will be far more advanced if we can pull off our concept. No longer will there be a requirement to login and no longer will the Gold Members content need a downloaded theme that requires updating. Everything will be controlled remotely and will be playable right from the home screen. Similar to Mobdro but obviously way more reliable. 


What's new in v5 for the app managers

This is where the work is really going in to the software. A whole new appy zone with way more features.

I know what you're thinking, "Something new to have to learn" yes, but it will be worth while and we are giving you even more control over the devices and the users.

Push notifications not just to all users but individual devices too. Need to get in touch with a user? you can message them directly and they can message you back.

Universal RSS feeds for the builds. You will be able to custom your message and have it passed in to any build that the user downloads. 

Ban Users, pretty much what you guess it would do. If you have a problem user or you suspect a group of users of breaking your company policies then you can drop the ban hammer. Totally reversible from your end but not the users. 

Better in app marketing, with the use of graphics and call to action buttons. This will become more apparent when we release screen shots later in the month.

Better settings options, rather than just linking to the Android Settings, which universally was very good, we will be linking to sections of the settings in Androids. Direct links to connection settings, display settings, app settings and all the common items that a user would need to access.


That's everything we can tell you so far....


There is so much more we could tell you now but we don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. We have always kept the bulk of our work secret up until the time of beta testing which we will be again asking you to help us out with. At this stage we are on target for a beta release towards the end of the month, final release early July and clients app upgrades to v5 by the end of July.

If you'd like to be one of the first to help out with the early beta app then join us on Facebook and be part of our focus group here

Thanks for reading, next time we post we will be including some screen shots for you to consume.

PS - it's not the end of Kodi :)



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