First AVS v6 App Weiv Player App to be released

First AVS v6 App Weiv Player App to be released

What is Weiv Player

Essentially Weiv Player is cloned version of Snapp and will do exactly the same things but in a different area of the world.
Weiv Player is the first of 4 Snapp clones to be released in the app stores in part of a project called “P5K”

Weiv Player in App Stores

Download Weiv Player
The app has been designed, developed and maintained by AVS but will be managed by it’s own team. I hope that you can all show Weiv Player the same level of support you have given to Snapp.

What's next for AVS?

Our next task will be the supported release of a stand alone IPTV app “View More Deluxe” to the play store which we will post news on in the coming days.
We will be following this up with the release of FORB TV. This will be another Snapp type project released to the Play Store.
That leads us in to the first v5 to v6 project which will be the first application to include an app store, Kodi section and Retro gaming.

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