FORB TV app development and release news

FORB TV app development and release news

What is FORB TV?

Essentially FORB TV is a cloned version of Snapp and will do exactly the same things but in a different area of the world.
FORB TV is the second of 4 Snapp clones to be released in the app stores in part of a project called “P5K”

FORB TV in App Stores

Download FORB TV
The app has been designed, developed and maintained by AVS but will be managed by it’s own team. I hope that you can all show FORB TV the same level of support you have given to Snapp.

What's next for AVS?

This week we are resolving a few teething problems with Weiv Player app and completing the development of FORB TV.
We are also changing some backend parts for the Snapp engine to include more data in the home screen for the Live TV components of your playlist.
The end result will be a more content rich home screen with more options to choose right from launch. This poses some memory issues due to the large amounts of data that require processing so balancing the memory or changing how the app requests the data will also me looked at.

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