IPTV User login version of v6

IPTV User login version of v6

New version of AVS v6 - IPTV User Login Version

Today we have released the first version of v6 that includes an IPTV login window for your IPTV users.

The third version of v6 allows your existing IPTV users access to their content through a conventional username and password form.

The application flow is as follows;

  1. New user enters email address.
  2. Email address is verified by access pin.
  3. User enters IPTV username and password.
  4. User gains access to content.

The IPTV username and password are stored in the cloud for later reference.

You can edit the users IPTV credentials in the AVSv6 panel should the user make a mistake, or they can try again in the application when prompted.

This version also includes all the v6 features

Although this is a lighter version of v6 it still contains all the v6 features and is fully customised with your choice of branding;

  • WHMCS IPTV access automation add-onAutomate IPTV Access
  • Remotely editable App Store (optional)
  • Remotely editable KodiHub (optional)
  • Automated EPG data for your IPTV content including show name images
  • Netflix style parse on all VOD
  • Connect up to 6 Plex Media Servers (Merge Live TV & VOD)
  • Prediction algorithms on all content (A.I. learning behaviour)
  • Integrated affiliate VPN system 100% automated in-app sales
  • Download all user verified email addresses
  • Detailed App Stats for usage and sales
  • Free movement of all Live IPTV content, drag and drop sort groups in to menus and build your own group titles
  • Customisable in-app payments via PayPal or Stripe for premium access
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