New AVS v6 feature Auto play IPTV

play iptv
Auto-play Preview new for v6

That’s what I am calling it…”Auto-play Preview”.

We have added a feature that will assist the user in correctly selecting something to watch by offering a preview window of playback before they have to commit to the channel, auto play IPTV. You might think this is small but once you start using it you will wonder how you coped without it.

How to play IPTV automatically in AVS v6

There’s a clue in the name 🙂
When a user scrolls over a Live TV channel for 3 seconds playback of that channel will begin, with audio within the image tile.

Move to another channel image on the homescreen and guess what happens? You got it, play IPTV on that channel again within the image tile container.

The end result is a neat preview of channel where we would normally see the show name channel image that can be stopped and changed just by moving to a new tile on the home screen.

We have omitted this feature from the Adult section just in case it becomes undesirable.

All new purchases of v6 will include this feature.

How to test this feature

You can test this iptv play back feature by downloading Snapp

Download Snapp

To learn more about v6 or to get your own branded version.

AVS v6 Information and Purchase page

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AVS Client Support Group


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