Snapp IPTV and plex media player version 2.0

Snapp IPTV and plex media player version 2.0

Snapp v2.0 development has started

Just under 2 months since the release and over 1000 downloads in the play store alone Snapp is getting a full version upgrade.
Snapp is the only android platform currently available that accepts both m3u IPTV and Plex media server content and combines it in to one beautiful display.
Currently only available for download here

Snapp v2.0 development News

The main focus of the Snapp v2 update is functionality rather than a feature based update. The improvements made to the application overall will allow us to add more features in the future without impacting on usability.
Version 2.0 will be 70% faster in all loading times, begin playback of all media types and will be crash/freeze free on all platforms.
In-app error feedback will be given a level of depth, rather than the stock message of “Network Error” and we will be tightening up the help sections on the site just to assist new users through the common teething issues that we have been getting.
We expect to complete the development of v2 in just under 7 days and once complete we will have the room to add new features such as VOD genre categories, time tracking EPG, catch-up TV, split screen viewing and Live TV recording.

Join the Snapp Facebook Group

If you need support or want the latest Snapp news join us on Facebook, just make sure to answer the screening questions and you will be accepted.
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