Selling VPN as an affiliate?

You can make more money with your own VPN application

Your Company Branding

It’s your app and comes with your logo’s and company branding. Why sell someone else’s product when you could be selling your own.

You Get Paid

Unlike affiliate sales you get paid directly from your users. No payment thresholds and no middle men. You get 100% of all your sales.

We Manage The Servers

We manage the technical aspects of the VPN for you. All you have to do is sell to your users, the rest is all done for you.

100% Legal

A totally legal business venture that will generate you a constant revenue stream 24 hours a day. You can even sell on the Play Store.

2018 is the year of the VPN

You can be a real part of it today

The billion dollar VPN industry

Make no mistake, VPN services are becoming a big deal. With governments tightening our online activity and blocking access to more and more websites each day it won’t be long before we are connecting to the internet via a VPN every time we go online.
In the past if you wanted to make money from the industry you would have set up with IPVanish, NordVPN, Cyber Ghost or any of the other companies as an affiliate and sold to users via an online link. Then you would wait over  a month to get paid a small fraction of what the supplier is getting paid. What’s even worse is you get no recognition and repeat custom.
Best VPN

Our system is different

You get all the benefits of the affiliate system AND all the benefits of your own system.
Our VPN system is 100% automated, 100% yours and you get 100% of the generated revenue. Above all you get to keep all the customers, which means all word of mouth and repeat sales go directly to you!
If you sell anything android related or you know a little bit about marketing then you will make a nice, consistent revenue stream from our VPN services.

It's your app and it's your money

You don’t even have to handover 30% of the revenue to the play store for in app purchases. We can configure the application to take funds in app via Stripe or Paypal so you keep it all, minus the small payment provider transaction fee.
Everything is set up to run without you. Your only job is to get the users. The customer flow and delivery of login details is totally automated. It is a true asset in business terms and as the industry keeps on growing so will your return.
VPN affiliate

We've revolutionized the affiliate system

but how is this all possible?

1. You choose a plan below

As soon as you’ve decided to join our program and chosen one of the plan below you are taken care of by our customer automation system. You will receive an email asking you to login to our members panel and from there you will upload your design specification for your application.

2. We develop your VPN application

Well we actually make 2 apps for you and send them to you via email. One app is for submission on to the play store and the other is for off store distribution. It sounds confusing but it really isn’t. The play store will update your app for you when you submit a new release, the off store version has the ability to be updated over the air. This means you can always update your users with upgrades to your application.

3. We run a credits system for access

We run the servers and everything behind the scenes such as your login panel where you can view your user stats and retrieve login details. For that to work you buy credits from us. Every time a user has 1 months access to the VPN you are charged 1 credit. Credits typically cost £1.00 per credit. You determine your VPN access price on top of the cost of the credit and you have your own application and a nice profit margin for doing very little work.

Seeing is believing....

Visit our evaluation VPN app on the playstore. We do not market this product at all and is only for your reference and evaluation. It is however 100% functional and updated.

Join our VPN program today!

Products delivered in less than 48 hours of data submission

Best Selling Plan

VPN 100 Plan

2 x VPN android applications
Designed to your specification
Members control dashboard
100 VPN access credits

Only: £150.00

Biggest Discount

VPN 1000 Plan

2 x VPN android applications
Designed to your specification
Members control dashboard
1000 VPN access credits

Only: £500.00

Other Plans

VPN 5 Plan
2 x VPN android applications
Designed to your specification
Members control dashboard
5 VPN access credits
Only: £99.00
VPN 50 Plan
2 x VPN android applications
Designed to your specification
Members control dashboard
50 VPN access credits
Only: £135.00
VPN 500 Plan
2 x VPN android applications
Designed to your specification
Members control dashboard
500 VPN access credits
Only: £300.00

Terms & Conditions

  • By purchasing you agree to the terms & conditions
  • Credits can not be transferred
  • Credits can not be refunded
  • Applications are produced to the design data you submit to us. Edits after we have sent your application to you are chargeable.
  • You must create your own marketing material for your application.
  • Google play submissions require you set up a developer account with the Google Play Store.
  • We do not offer support for your Play Store submission. Your application as we make it will be accepted to the play store.