The Starter Plan

The perfect software to grow your business. Designed to help you cut your teeth in the Android Industry with a fully customized Android Launcher that you can edit remotely

Over 1,000 Android Retailers Use the Starter Plan

Go further, faster

The AVStream Starter Plan helps you cut down your user issues with a product that reflects your branding and your business goals.
Simple for you and simple for your customers.
Create, edit and re create your customers Android home screen remotely.

It's Time For A Change

Why settle for a home screen that doesn’t change with your business or current technology?
The starter plan allows you to remotely edit your home screen over the air and the changes happen in real time for all of your customers.

Example image of the starter plan home screen taken from one of our clients software.

Choices are the hinges of destiny

You choose what the buttons do from 6 pre built functions
  • Apps that you choose and not just what is installed on the device
  • Retro gaming from Arcade, SNES, Sega and N64
  • Launch system settings
  • Send customer to a URL of your choice**
  • Launch or Download an app of your choice**


**Not shown in the example image

Simplicity is the glory of expression

Designed to be simple for you and simple for your customers.
Your members area makes editing and changing your Android home screen a simple task.
After all, your main focus is selling and growing the business.

We're a Team

When you join AVStream you join our team.
Whatever you lack, we’ve got you.
When you need a push, we’ve got you.
When you need support, we’ve got you.
By empowering you with assistance and supporting your business we have seen that great things happen.
When you need us we are here.

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After payment we will email you to collect your Software design details.
These include Software name, icon and splash screen.
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