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The only application your users will ever need

The Ultimate Plan is a fully, remotely editable Amazon Fire TV emulation user interface where you can add all things you do want in your display and none of the things you don’t.
The ultimate plan does and includes everything that an Android user wants, all in one place and all easily accessed.
There’s built in VPN so privacy worries can be a thing of the past and a huge array of usage stats so you can see exactly how your users. interact with your software.

Retail that doesn’t stop at the shop door

Secure in app purchases mean you can generate unlimited revenue after you have sold your device.
What can you sell? Well we’ve made that very simple for you too. The VPN service is a premium feature that you charge for. It’s a private server and the customer flow is 100% automated. The user subscribes, you get paid.
It doesn’t stop there. You can even choose to charge users for access to your software or for access to premium areas.

It’s a marketers dream software

We understand the concept that marketing means sales. The Ultimate Plan gives you the marketing edge over your competitors.
You can message groups of users or individual users directly on there TV. You can use banner advertising in all of the menu options to advertise and promote, these banner also include call to action buttons on them.
You get all the stats and verified user email addresses to bulk up your email marketing campaigns.
android tv box sell

Offer Unlimited Apps

The days of side loading, using downloader or any app store to get access to applications can be left behind. Users want simple one click access to all the best apps and that is exactly what you can provide. Choose from a library of selected apps to instantly offer your users or provide your own.

Edit the content remotely

Never be left with a boring static Android home screen when you can have one that you can edit remotely. You can change the look of the software and the content in the software as often as you like from any computer and the changes happen in real time for your users.

Built in Media Player

For the first time ever you playback media from m3u playlists directly from the software with the built in media player. If you own the rights to your own m3u playlist we can customize it to be delivered in to the app and organize the content beautifully.

How the Ultimate Plan looks

Footage taken from a client app “Appy” we do not produce any user applications or provide content directly to applications

Specification & Features

Minimum Android OS 4.4
Minimum RAM 1GB (2GB is advised)
Allows full customization of the content and software ascetics
Email gateway and pin verify user authorization optional
In app payment methods PayPal, Stripe and SquareUp
Include a mp4 video intro optional
Charge for access optional
Built in VPN costs to you £1.00 per user per month. You can set your own tariff on top of this fee.
All fees taken in the software go directly to you
Retro gaming platform included, PSX, Sega, NES, SNES and MAME
Offer unlimited remotely installed Android apps
Offer unlimited Kodi configurations
Connect to API
Software usage and volume stats
User control, grant full access, free trials and ban users
Access to Appy Zone (GUI backend for setting up your software)
Message users or groups of users
Extend software trial dates
Edit banners remotely with included call to action buttons (Launch URL, launch app and launch payment gateway)

Seeing is Believing...

Don’t just take our word for it, why not download and test drive one of our clients applications “Appy” today.
Imagine what you could do with your own version of this software.

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