Snapp IPTV and Plex Media Player v2.0 Release News

Snapp IPTV and Plex Media Player v2.0 Release News
After a month of global issues with covid-19 coronavirus it’s refreshing to be able to release some good news.
We have completed Snapp v2.0 and the updates have been pushed, providing you have the correct APK installed Snapp will update automatically to v2.0
It’s 70% faster than before on loading times, search and episode view on mobile has been resolved, clearer in-app error reporting has been added and we’ve had a clean up of the home screen so that items without metadata do not display.

Snapp Changelog v2.0

  • New API responses for 75% faster on loading times
  • Settings, search and Episode view fixed for mobile devices
  • In app error messaging added depth
  • Edit your method of payment in website settings
  • Emailing system for subscriptions
  • Search results formatted to ensure metadata and playback
  • Recommended VOD titles after 30 minutes of playback
  • VOD genre results based on usage
  • Media player format playability increased

Snapp Next Update v2.1

The first poll and voting system revealed that what you want next is catch-up TV. We have a great concept for the delivery of this and it will feature as our next major feature.
We also will be looking at the navigation and a UI clean up to make the application less “clunky”.

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