What makes a great website?

Great web design?

Is great web design all that goes in to a successful website? It certainly is a major part of website development but there are some other factors that should not be overlooked.

We have built hundreds of websites for an equal amount of different businesses and we have found some common themes in making a great website.

It isn’t just about the design. Great web development is layered and you can’t create the next layer until the first one is in place.

Let’s take a look a different layers of web design in order.

What makes a great website

What is the purpose of the website?

This is the very first question you need to ask and creates the first layer.

A great website is only great if it serves its purpose. Imagine you want to collect email addresses and you have the most beautiful website design you have ever seen but no easy way or incentive for a viewer to actually sign up. The website looks great but doesn’t serve its purpose.

Great websites have a purpose that gets served.

Beautiful Websites

Are very
simple to
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Content is King

Websites are punished by two people for having poor content, your potential viewers will hate you and Google will hate you. You really need both these guys onside when publishing a website.

The written content has to be kept fresh, accurate and delivered in a way that is easily read by both humans and Google bots with a good sprinkling of keywords.

Take this blog post for example and the amount of times I have used the term “Web Design”. That is because I want people interested in Web Design (there we go again) to find this page. Google makes that possible by reading the pages keywords and delivering it to people searching for Web Design.

Images form part of the content layer too. They captivate and engage the viewer while breaking up large portions of text so the content is more easily consumed. It is important that image titles and alt image names tie in with your keywords for Google ranking your page.

Get under the right noses

We have some layers in place and the website is starting to look great but who cares? Maybe your Mother or significant other but are they booking in for your services? Nope.

We need to get the website not only found but found by the right people. SEO will get you so far but the Ninja tricks here are pushing your website in to the right places. That means infiltrating forums on Social Media and online to push your URL.

Sometimes a polite message to a moderator will get you an in but sometimes you just have to strategically place your URL in replies or comments sections.

The more times a link to your website is found on the internet in places that are popular the higher you will appear in the organic search ranking.

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Get the viewer to take action

Great content, highly ranking, people love your content so now we need to turn those views in to inquiries and bookings.

Without these we have little besides a popular website. Unless your websites purpose is serving adverts to viewers we aren’t ticking all the boxes.

Drive action by creating questions in your service, have an amazing offer that people will either buy outright or ask you about it. We need to get them in the funnel once they are on the site. They are the right people, they are looking for the service you provide, they just need a little push to take some action and either buy from you or contact you.

Like our example, a website built for £145.00, it’s ridiculous at that price but it drives engagement and we love building them but we also make it incredibly easy to buy from us. One click to buy and you can even split the payment over 3 months or buy now and pay in 30 days.

It’s things like that that make it all fit together and work.