Is Wix worth it?

The Pro's and Con's of a Wix website

Looking for a new website?

Then you have probably heard of Wix, the template based website builder but is it any good?
Let’s take a look.

As far as DIY website builders go Wix is definitely the most popular with its intuitive design and abundance of website design templates to choose from. The pages load fast and the skills required to get set up and on the internet are pretty much zero.

Price wise, it starts off as a free hosting and domain platform with some nice features that will provide you with at the very least some form of a presence on the internet.

However, when things are free on the internet you become the product.

It’s free but….

It starts off free, let’s say that much.

After that the lowest Wix tariff costs £4/month which will be fine for a child to try their hand at “being on the net” but for a business, it just wouldn’t work.

Your bandwidth on the £4/month plan is not sufficient to sustain more that 5k web views a month. This might sound like a lot of views but realistically if you run adverts you would expect to be seeing around 50,000 view per day. The allotted bandwidth on the £4/month plan would be gobbled up in no time.

Then let’s address the Wix branding advert they impose on your site. It’s hardly the professional look you are aspiring to is it?

Removing the Wix adverts moves you to the £7.50/month plan.

The price of Wix grows with you

Your £7.50/month website will allow you 2GB of bandwidth, this equates to around 30k website viewers per month.

You don’t have the Wix branding on your site and you have your own domain name.

Things are certainly looking a lot more professional but if you plan on growing the business you can not stay on this tariff for long and here is why;

  • If you run adverts to gain views you will exceed your bandwidth
  • You can not view analytical data on your web views
  • You can not sell products on your website


To wrap up the £7.50/month package you essentially lose the Wix branding.
As a business this package is not sustainable.

Accepting payments online with Wix

To start accepting payments online with Wix your entry level tariff is going to cost you £15/month but to scale your sales you will need access to the customer flow data. If you don’t you won’t be able to split test your campaigns so you can find that sales sweet spot. To access this data your new monthly fee will cost £27/month.

Now things are starting to get pricey at £324.00 annually. Not that this is an astronomical amount of money, I understand that, but it certainly isn’t value for money when you can get more than you get from Wix for much less money.

More than Wix for £1.00 per month

It is very easy to fall in to the Wix sales funnel, everything sounds so amazing but they are targeting the unknowing and unsuspecting type.

The truth is you can have all the perks that Wix offer you and more for £12/year for the first year and then £96/year (£8/month) for each year after that.

Most hosting companies charge this amount. Saving you £228.00 per year and you have total control over your website. As you grow the price stays the same.

Now you ask..

But who
will build
and manage
my website?

Low Cost Web Designer

Do things properly from the start

Businesses are built on good foundations. When you start off in the Wix trap it is hard to get out of as you work yourself through their plans and tariffs you end up with a rigid system that does not allow for much flexibility. Above all else, you are over paying by a lot. This is not the great foundation you need.

But…but…but… Wix offer you AI adverts and a branding tool. Which you probably won’t use. They’re not much more than gimmicks to entangle you in the Wix web even further.

We can help you set up the hosting and domain plan that costs £12/year and we can build your website to include everything you need from as little as £145.00 and that’s not monthly, that is a one off fee.

We even show you how to make changes yourself. Add blog posts, add/edit products, add content and images. The truth is, it isn’t that difficult.

The “free” website builders want you to think it is. That you need your bachelors in computer science to produce decent a website but the truth is, you don’t.

If you want to investigate more please let us know.

Buy Web Development for only £145.00

A modern and concise version of your business on the internet. Developed in WordPress, designed specifically to engage your viewers and create the action of leaving you a message or buying your product.

This creates numerous warm leads for your sales team to follow up on and close.

To check an example just look at this site. We use the exact same format for your website as we use for ours! Above all else, we teach you how to make your own in-house edits so that you can maintain the site yourself free of further costs.

It only costs £145.00 for us to create your masterpiece. We don’t charge you monthly fees. It is a one and done payment system and we are here for support for as long as you need us.

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